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“The interview videos produced by the Video Marketing Agency have displayed my essence better than any other interviews I’ve done before.”

Alan StevensInternational - Profiling and Communications Specialist

"Before meeting Shirley and Ross, I was so nervous about being in front of a camera. They just made it so easy for me. Shirley asked very pointed questions and when there was a slack in the conversation, she comes in with another question that has me back on track. And the quality of the videos- my goodness, they look so good! I couldn't have planned to be able to say what I needed to say without Shirley being there asking the questions. Really impressed!"

Janet Dougherty - Biz Grow Global

"Ross and Shirley Dalton filmed me for my business and I have to say I was a little anxious knowing that I had to do this. However, Shirley and Ross' very comfortable style of interviewing and filming had me relaxed within the first couple of minutes. I think this is their absolute point of difference. I could have had any number of people do this but I just really love their very relaxed style."

Clare Monkley - Love Finance

I engaged Shirley and Ross to help me with some clips for my social media. Shirley was excellent. She asked some really good questions, had some good input, listened to the answers and created a really relaxed, great atmosphere. I managed to get all the information across and Ross did a magic job with the cameras. I recommend them to anyone. They're awesome."

S. J. Doyle - Author

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